Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look Who Is Starting to Eat!!

Chips and salsa!
A pancake for breakfast. First time ever!!!!

Yes, over the last few days we have seen not only an interest in food, but someone asking us to eat!!! This is the kid who could go all day without eating and would be just fine. I wouldn't say things are quite normal yet, but we are definitely moving in the right direction!

Guess he realizes his buddy (aka worm) is not going to be eating everything up now! He no longer has to share! Good bye little buddy and hello food!!


scrappy quilter said...

He is just so sweet. Love that smile. WTG on the eating.

Karen said...

What a great request to fill!! I know you are thrilled for your little one to finally "want" to eat. It looks like he is feeling a lot better too. Praying for continued good news!!!

Melody said...

He looks like such a sweetie! Your heart must be so full :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are moving in the right direction...I just love that smile!!

Susan P.

Lori said...

Oh thank you Jesus for that happy smile and big appetite!

What did you find out about the worm? Sorry if I missed that somewhere. :)

Tracy said...

What a sweet face and such a beautifully hansome smile! So glad to hear that Bryson is on his way to recovery. God is so Good.

bytheriver said...

Yikes - Don't mean to be graphic, but could that large worm have taken up enough space for him to not have realized he was hungry? Now its gone he has that normal emptiness when he hasn't eaten? Whatever the reason, I hope the change continues and his transformations and blessings in life continue as well. What a long way to have come in a mere 5 months.

jenn said...

So glad to see him eating! That means he is feeling better-he definately needs to fatten up a bit :)!

gloria said...

I bet that worm he had in his body was taking away his appetite. So glad to hear he is eating!!!